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cropped-cropped-cropped-hqdefault.jpgGathering of emancipation movements of the Southern European peoples, October 10-11, Barcelona

General aims

The Euro Exit Platform which has been recently set up in Spain is calling for a Gathering of Emancipation Movements of the Southern European Peoples, to analise the serious situation our peoples are facing under the domination and tyranny of the single currency and its economic-political system.

The gathering has the aim of promoting the liberation of Southern European peoples from the single currency, the euro, and the straight jacket which represents the EU and its treaties. With this aim we propose to recover peoples’ sovereignty, democracy, as well as the economic tools which make them possible, those which will allow to overcome the spiral of impoverishment, cuts in basic social rights and growing inequality. We need to open the perspective for the building of new relations of cooperation and solidarity on conditions of equality amongst the peoples of Southern Europe.

The aim of the organisers is for the gathering to acquire an international scope, through the participation of representatives of different euro and EU emancipation movements which have developed in recent times, particularly those of the peoples of Southern Europe, which have shown in several meetings their interest in building and coordinating collective action for common goals. We would like our gathering to become a step in the road started by the gathering of Rome (November 30, 2013), Naples (May 24, 2015) and Athens (June 22-24, 2015).

Regardless of the degree of participation of representatives coming from Greece, Italy, France, Portugal, etc. the papers and conclusions will be part of the global mobilisation against the euro and the “real existing EU”.


The gathering would be organised around three main theme blocks:

  1. a. The inevitable crisis of the euro and the EU. The idea is to examine the economic and political reasons which render a process of re-composition of the EU insitutional and financial system politically and economically not viable. This in the light of the experience of the Greek crisis after the coup d’Etat organised by the European Commission and the Eurogroup through the “rescue package” and the useless capitulation of the Greek government.
  2. b. Possible plans faced with the scenarios for euro exit. The idea is to consider technically and politically which pathways and tools can be used to exit the euro. How to face the economic and financial blackmail of the EU institutions against the peoples who rebel against their austerity and cuts policies and which defend a substantial default of the debt and restructuring of the remainder.
    We will analyse how euro exit is a necessary condition but not enough in itself to recover popular sovereignty, discussing as a whole the necessary alternatives in a post euro scenario, to answer the question of how to face economic, political, social and environmental changes.
  3. c. Political and organisational tools for the emancipation from the euro and freedom from EU semi-colonial domination. We need to analyse the possibility to build a Southern European Peoples’ Liberation Front.

We propose to have a brainstorm around the following questions:

  • – Common aims on which the building of an alliance of countries undergoing a process of switching off should be based
  • – How to develop the European dimension of such Front, regarding its coordination and its strategy development.
  • – The building of the Front in each one of the peoples and states of Southern Europe.

At the end of the Gathering we propose the adoption of a previously distributed Statement. Its contents will be open to suggestions and contributions from participating people and organisations.


Each one of the three theme blocks will have a space of three to four hours, the first session being presented on Saturday October 10 in the morning, the second on Saturday afternoon and the third and concluding session on Sunday morning.

In order to frame the scope of each block, the organising committee will draft a guidance-document with questions to be discussed in each of them.

Those who will speak from the platform in each session will attempt to answer those questions freely, with the all limitation of commonly agreed time limits.

The composition of each one of the panels of the three sessions will take into account the background of contributions on those issues and we will seek to ensure the participation of internationally recognised experts as well as representatives from emancipation movements from the different Southern European peoples.

Contributions – communications to each session will be accepted. They can be presented within an allocated time slot of 10 minutes.

There will be enough time for interventions from the participants in each one of the themed blocks and workshops.

Panellists will be given a short space of time to answer.

Conclusions from workshops A and B will be formulated as a report which will be given on Sunday first thing.

The proposed Statement from panel C we will attempt to reach the maximum possible consensus upon, before being presented, with the aim of building a coordination framework in the spirit of the gatherings in Naples on May 24 and Athens in June.

Place, date and timetable of the gathering:

To facilitate the participation of representatives of Southern European peoples’ emancipatory movements, having the necessary logistical basis, the Gathering will take place in Barcelona on October 10 and 11.

The exact details of the venue will be informed with ample time.

The proposed time table is:

Saturday, October 10
10-14 Panel A and debate
14-16 Lunch
16-20 Panel B and debate
19h meeting of the working team on the statement draft

Sunday, October 11
10-11: Reports back from panels A and B
11-14: Presentation of the draft statement and panel C with joint debate

International gathering organising committee – “Euro Exit Platform”

For communications, collaboration, participation and papers: salireuro3@gmail.com

Contact phone number:

English: 629774758  French; 646539993  Spanish: 661390670